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Georgia is the focal point of medical studies throughout Eurasia, known for its unmatched medical expertise. The country also caters an equal opportunity for the global students to enrol themselves for the medical program. The cost of the entire medical program is affordable for the global students belonging to different financial backgrounds.MBBS institutes in Georgia offer the best facilities for all medical aspirants. By joining the MBBS program in Georgia, the students can ensure to unlock the needed doors of opportunities in their career, and grab high-paying jobs in the future. Most universities in Georgia offer financial support for the students and the applicants can opt for a scholarship if they have 50% or above marks.

Among the top 15 universities for MBBS in the world, Georgia presents 3 premium institutes that are highly recommended by the leading medical bodies like WHO, UNESCO, NMC, and more. This small developed country between Asia and Europe accommodates the most premium universities that offer MBBS courses without burning a hole through the student’s pockets.

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    The tenure of the medical course is about six years during which the students work under the guidance of renowned doctors and medical institutions in Georgia. Apart from knowledgeable staff, the university also invites international guest faculty to deliver their lecture and enlighten their students.

    About Georgia

    Georgia is situated in the interaction of Asia and Europe. It is a former Soviet republic of the Caucasus region of Eurasia. The country is bounded to the north by the Red Sea, west by the Black Seas, southeast by Azerbaijan, and the south by Turkey and Armenia. The capital and the largest city in Georgia is Tbilisi. The country has a unique and cultural heritage and is known for its cuisine and hospitality. The country is a hub of incredible history and unparalleled natural beauty. Georgia covers over 69,70 Km in the area and has a population of approximately 4.8 million. Georgia is one of the richest countries when it comes to quality education. It is a paradise of WHO-affiliated medical universities. Most students who want to tailor a career in medicine choose Georgia as their dream destination. MBBS in Georgia has some incredible benefits in comparison to other foreign countries like Ukraine, the Philippines, and more. Although Georgia is comparatively a new destination for MBBS for Indian candidates, with the most efficient education system the country has turned out to be the best when it comes to medical education.
    So, if you are willing to join the top universities in Georgia, please make sure to read the complete articles and check the ins and outs of the country before making a career decision.

    Medical Courses Offered In Top Universities Of Georgia

    The best universities of Georgia offer four main medical courses the students can choose from. All these courses are delivered under expert faculties to ensure the students get the best learning experience. Here are the top four medical courses offered by the institutes of Georgia –

    • MBBS/MD – 6 Years
    • Dentistry – 5 Years
    • Nursing – 4 Years
    • Pharmacy – 4 Years

    Duration Of MBBS Program In Georgia

    Duration is one of the major factors for MBBS programs. The duration of the MBBS course differs with countries and universities. Countries like Philippine want the students to penetrate to the depth of medical knowledge and offer higher duration MBBS courses. While some countries want to deliver quick job opportunities to the students with the minimum duration of an MBBS course.

    So, the duration of MBBS in the top universities of Georgia is pretty standard. The universities offer a high-optimized MBBS framework with 6 years duration. The complete duration of the MBBS program is divided into two parts, which are as follows –

    • 5 years of academic studies.
    • 1 year of mandatory Internship under the best medical professionals in Georgia in the top hospitals and clinics of the country.

    Intakes For MBBS In Top MBBS Universities Of Georgia

    • In most universities of Georgia, the MBBS classes kick start by the end of September.
    • Typically, the process of medical education in Georgia commences in September.
    • In the top universities, the seat is allotted on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, if you are eager to join the MBBS programs in Georgia make sure to apply for your seat in August to ensure easy and hassle-free admission to desired medical institutes in the country.

    Eminent Benefits Of Studying MBBS In Georgia

    Here are the most prominent perks of pursuing MBBS from the top medical universities of Georgia –

    • MBBS institutes in Georgia offer extremely affordable fee structures, which is much lesser in comparison to the Indian medical universities.
    • There are no mandatory English examinations like IELTS/TOEFL.
    • English is used as the main language.
    • 100% Visa Approval rate for foreign students.
    • Incredible cordial environment for the medical aspirants.
    • Nearly negligible crime rates.
    • Low accommodation charges and transportation fees.
    • All medical institutes are affiliated and recognized by leading medical bodies like WHO, UNESCO, MCI, and more.
    • Simple hassle-free admission process with minimal paperwork in the top medical universities.
    • Lodging facilities for both male and female candidates.
    • No tuition fee in the last year of the MBBS program.
    • Lucrative career options after completion of MBBS in Georgia. The degree holders can also apply for the best salary packages in the top universities of Georgia.

    Syllabus Of MBBS In Georgia

    1stIntroduction to Clinical Anatomy 1 Medical Chemistry Basics of Medical Biophysics Cytology Environmental Health Health Promotion Medical Informatics Sports Summer Practice Electives Embryology, Basic Histology Human Physiology Basics of Biochemistry Basic Microbiology Genetics Bioethics
    2ndNervous System Respiratory System Molecular Biology Medical Microbiology Behavioural Science Cardiovascular System Digestive System Urogenital System Endocrine System and Skin Immunology Virology
    3rdPathology (Anatomy) Pathology (Physiology) Physical Diagnostics – Propaedeutic General Surgery 7Roentgenology, Medical Radiology Pharmacology Research Skills Basics of Clinical Reasoning Clinical Skills (Basic)
    4thSurgery 1 /Clinical Skills 1Pediatrics Phtisiatry Obstetrics Urology, Nephrology Section C course Clinical Communication Skills Internal Medicine 1 /Clinical Skills 1 Neurology Medical Psychology Traumatology, Orthopedics Occupational Medicine Elective Course
    5thSurgery 2/ Clinical Skills 2Internal Medicine 2/ Clinical Skills 2Dermato-Venereology Epidemiology / Research Skills Haematology, Transfusiology Laboratory Medicine Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Family Medicine Gynaecology Infectious Diseases Allergology and Clinical Immunology Endocrinology Oncology Elective Course

    Eligibility Criteria To Study MBBS In Georgia

    If you are applying for the MBBS program in Georgia make sure to keep a few documents handy. These documents are extremely important for applying to the best universities. Here is the list of standard documents that the students mandatorily need to join MBBS in Georgia –

    The students can easily join the MBBS program in the top Georgian Medical Universities. However, to reserve their seats, the aspirants need to meet some standard requirements. The eligibility criteria differ with the universities. However, here are some standard eligibility criteria for getting admission to the most premium medical institutions of Georgia –

    • The student applying for MBBS in Georgia must be over 17-years of age as of 31st December of the respective year.
    • He/she must have completed a higher secondary level of education with over 50% marks under a recognized education board. Students under OBC/SC/ST category need an aggregate mark of a minimum of 40% for admission.
    • The student must have Physics, Biology, and Chemistry as the core subjects in class 12.
    • If a student has completed a higher secondary level of education or any equivalent degree, he/she is applying for admission in the MBBS program in some selected universities of Georgia without appearing for NEET.
    • In some universities, the applicants must mandatorily appear for the IELTS/TOEFL examination and clear it with shining marks. However, various universities select the students on an interview basis.

    Career Options After Completion Of MBBS In Georgia

    The students get access to limitless career opportunities after completing their MBBS course in the top medical colleges in Georgia. The degree holders from NMC approved colleges of Georgia the students have the following options –

    • With the rapid increase in demands for quality medical professionals, the students get an opportunity to tailor an incredible career in the top hospitals and clinics in Georgia.
    • The students can choose to continue with higher studies in Georgia after completing their MBBS program. Or else they can move out to other foreign countries like the USA, Germany, Canada, and more to continue their educational journey.
    • They can also choose to settle down in Georgia and pick up a job there to learn, grow and earn.
    • The degree holders can also return to their respective countries and qualify in an examination there to start practicing as a medical professional.

    PG Options For The MBBS Degree Holders From Georgia

    The MBBS degree holders from Georgia can do the following –

    • Move out to the UK to join the PG program by qualifying for the PLAB examination.
    • Reach out to the best universities in the US and join them by qualifying for the USMLE exam.
    • Travel to India to join the PG program by appearing for the NEXT exam.
    • Join PG courses in top colleges of Germany.
    • Practice in Australia after cracking the AMC exam.
    Cost Of Studying MBBS In Georgia
    Cost Of Studying MBBS In Georgia

    Georgia is one of the most affordable destinations to get a quality education. If you are struggling to get a premium university with cost-effective prices, check out the list of top universities in Georgia. Although the cost of studying differs with the universities and the living standards of the students, the average cost of pursuing an MBBS in Georgia is much lower than in other countries.

    Tuition Fees In Top Medical Universities Of Georgia

    Caucasus International University:5500 USD / YEAR
    Tbilisi Medical Academy:7000 USD / YEAR

    Caucasus International University

    Caucasus International University is a for-profit medical university situated in Tbilisi, Georgia. It was established in 1995 with the sole aim to impart quality knowledge to medical aspirants to transform them into efficient professionals. Caucasus International University has a world rank of 9749, while it has a country rank of 12. Here are the most important features of the Caucasus International University –

    • The university is recognized by WHO, MCI, ECFMG, FAIMER, WFME, and more.
    • It offers nine types of medical programs including MBBS and more.
    • All the programs are executed in the English language to eliminate the language barrier.
    • Students do not need to sit for the IELTS exam for admission.
    • The education mechanism is advanced and the university features modern lab facilities.

    Tbilisi State Medical University

    With a country rank of 6, the Tbilisi State Medical University is one of the most prominent medical institutes in Georgia. The university was established in 1918 and was earlier titled “Tbilisi State University”. However later after 85 years is was renamed. Till date, the university has produced over 4000 successful doctors and 1000 associate professors. Here are the most prominent perks of studying MBBS at Tbilisi State Medical University –

    • The university is approved by major medical bodies like WHO, UNESCO, MCI, WFME, the European Commission of education, and more.
    • It is the oldest medical institute in Georgia and the most valued university for MBBS.
    • Tbilisi State Medical University is presently the largest government medical institution in Georgia.
    • The complete MBBS program is effective and transparent to allow the students to enjoy a seamless education experience.
    • Tbilisi State Medical University has a wide network with all the reputed hospitals and clinics in Georgia.