Volgograd State Medical University, Russia

Year of Establishment1935
Located inPloshchad’ Pavshikh Bortsov, д. 1, Volgograd, Volgograd Oblast, Russia, 400131
Duration of MBBS Course6 Years
MBBS fees Structure22 TO 25 lakhs INR*
Indian Mess FacilityYes
Highest Temperature35 Degree Celsius
Lowest Temperature-11 Degree Celsius
NMC ApprovedYes
WHO ApprovedYes
Foreign Students Enrolled5500+
Indian Students Enrolled400+
Country Ranking105

About University

The University was started as Stalingrad Medical Institute and was founded in 1935. Later in 1993, this Institute got the status of the Academy. In 2003, the University was given the status of a University and was recognized by the Education Department of the Russian Federation. Currently, Volgograd State Medical University is headed by a renowned Russian Scientist who is decorated with the honor of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences – Prof. Vladimir I. Petrov. Volgograd State Medical University is located in Volgograd which is situated in the southern part of Russia on the west bank of the Volga River. The University is accredited by the Russian Ministry for Education for the teaching of both Russian and foreign students. The University has been training international students since 1962. Since 2000 the Volgograd State Medical University has got an opportunity to teach foreign students in the English language. University at a Glance

• Volgograd State Medical University was established in the year 1935

• It is located in the Southern Part of Russia, by the bank of Volga river

• The university has been training international students since 1962

• There are more than 5,000 students from Russia and 900+ international students at present

• The university has been offering English medium MBBS courses since 2000.

Key Features Volgograd State Medical University

• The university includes the college of general medicine, pharmacy, medical biochemistry, dentistry, and MD, Pediatrics.

• The departments concerning social work and clinical psychology are also included.

• There is a separate department for International Students

• The university also included a college for post-graduate and continuous education

• Volgograd State Medical University also has a department for Foundation Courses

• The University campus consists of 4 main building

• The affiliated hospitals host practical courses in 15 clinics.

• The university has a modern campus equipped with more than seven-hundred thousand books

• There are facilities for accommodations for international students that includes more than 3 hostels

• The students are provided with study rooms

• The campus includes recreational areas including a mini-indoor stadium, gym, and a big stadium.

• The university also has theaters and cinema halls for students to enjoy Russian movies

• The university has churches, synagogue, mosques, and a Hindu temple.

• Students get job opportunities worldwide after graduating from this university

World Ranking of Volgograd State Medical University

• The University boasts of having a state rank of 147

• According to World University Rankings, the university holds a position among top 5,000 universities in the world

• The institute is favored by MBBS aspirants worldwide

• The university helps international students with various scholarships and monetary aids

Indian Students at Volgograd State Medical University

• This university is much sought after by Indian Students

• Due to stiff competition in India and neighboring countries, Indian students choose Volgograd State Medical University

• Having international repute, Volgograd State Medical University gets thousands of applications from International Students

• The institute is also approved by the Medical Council of India

• The graduates from this University are eligible to practice medicine in India after clearing NMC screening tests

• Indian students also get the opportunity to apply to job vacancies in various countries

• The affiliated hospitals and training centers are equipped with modern apparatus and equipment

• The students also to practice with the top hospitals in Russia

Why Volgograd State Medical University?

There is no dearth of reasons to choose Volgograd State Medical University. Some of the major reasons to opt for these universities are as follows:

• Volgograd State Medical University has a stunning country rank and world rank

• The University boasts of having stellar campus infrastructure

• Indian students have been enrolling in this university since 1982

• It makes one of the best and the most trusted universities for Indian Students

• It has adequate facilities for the accommodation of International students including 4 hostels

• The university offers various courses in multiple specialties for Students in Russia and Worldwide

• Being a state-funded institute, Volgograd State Medical University offers courses for cheap

• Students can benefit from cheap yet quality education offered in this university

• Volgograd State Medical University has plenty of teaching staff including more than 700 professors

• The Russian Ministry of Education, FAIMER, WHO, and NMC recognizes the University

• The classes are held in the batches of 8 students per teacher

• It has tie-ups with various universities in the USA, Germany, France, China, and Belgium

• Being a state-funded institute, Volgograd State Medical University offers courses for cheap

• It collaborates with the British Council, World Federation for Medical Education and UNESCO

• It has participated in various international research projects with the United States Agency for International Development

• It also collaborates with America International Health Alliance

• It offers scope for recreation and has gymnasiums, mini-football fields and more such facilitates


• Faculty of General Medicine

• Faculty of Dentistry

• Faculty of Pediatrics

• Faculty of Pharmacy

• Faculty of Medical Biochemistry

• Faculty of Social Work and Clinical Psychology

The university has a department for physical training. It includes a gym, sports ground, and an indoor mini stadium. During the first two years of study, students must attend physical training after which they can opt for training in different sports. Every year the Indian students and the Malaysian students conduct cricket and football tournaments respectively. Every year the international students conduct their national cultural programs and functions, the famous one being – The Indian Vecher, conducted by the Indian students.

The University has 3 fully furnished hostels with all the necessary facilities for the students.

Since it’s inception, the University has attracted highly qualified staff with an experience of teaching in many destinations of the world. It is mandatory at the University for Staffers to continually enhance and update their skills and methodology by undergoing short courses or undertaking longer courses overseas.

The teaching staff of the University has 763 highly qualified professors and instructors with 11 academicians and 401 associate professors. Most of them have Ph.D.s or other advanced degrees.

The academic programs are run by 66 departments of the University.

At present, about 5000 citizens of MBBS in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union and 900 international students from Asia, Africa, Latin, and South America, Germany, and Arab countries are pursuing their dreams at the University. The growing Indian presence there has also seen the advent of many Indian companies establish their base here.