Finland is situated in the remote part of the North of Europe and is between its neighbours’ countries Sweden and Russia. The main language of Finland is Finnish, Swedish is also an official language there that is because of a Swedish minority which is a result of being 600 years as part of the Swedish Empire. Helsinki that is the capital of the country is till now the largest city in Finland. Some of the other big towns comprise cities like Espoo, Tampere and Turku. The country is also ranked as one of the top 5 countries in the world and is provided with the highest standards of living and also equality. The Finnish welfare state is also admirable because of its upkeep of all its resident’s we’ll health and being.

When the topic comes to the top and good quality education, Finland is one of the very first countries that comes to anyone’s mind. Finland is a Nordic country with a population of around 5.54 million in the year 2020, the country has accomplished not only kept up with progress in educational aspects, but also it has excelled at forming a global standard.

Finland is a member of the European Union and has in it a total of 35 higher education organizations, this country is a very good option for any student from anywhere around the globe.

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    Finland has an egalitarian civilization where knowledge and lifelong learning are highly prized, the country there offers a very enormous social setting to facilitate one’s knowledge and personal growth.

    For an international student i.e a student from abroad, being in Finland is improved by the comfort that is offered by their high-level infrastructure and the modern technologies, the security and feeling of safety living in one of the protected and secured countries in the world, including the satisfaction that is offered by the nature with the four various seasons which all have their unique flavours.


    Finland is very well known for its brutal winters and very quick summers. And because of its nearness to the polar circle, it seldom actually gets dark in the season of summer, and on the other hand, the sky does not certainly light up during the time of winter. Like other Nordic countries, Finland generally enjoys the summertime solstice when the hours of the sun reach their final maximum in the middle of June.

    Statistics on the Higher Education in the country of Finland

    After the alignment of the European educational systems as a part of the Bologna reform, many universities or colleges of Finland and universities of applied sciences have boosted the number of English medium language Bachelor and Master programs and courses. Finland is known to have around 40 organizations of higher education, which are generally categorized into either universities or colleges (classical research and education institutions) or polytechnics which are also known as the universities or colleges of applied sciences (which are with a more practice-oriented approach to education). There are barely over 300,000 students at polytechnics and universities or colleges in the country Finland, about 20,000 of which are students from abroad i.e the International students.

    Why Study in Finland?

    Finland is a very heartwarming, welcoming human-scaled, hospitable d a very cosy country with cities and towns that are also designed for people and not just cars. They also have rush hours but it’s a rarity.

    The higher education organizations are tiny enough to regulate effectively and functionally. Those institutions are all internationally orientated and trained with special regional features, and there, one can also decide between very distinct study environments that start ranging from the larger urban campuses to the campuses close to nature.

    Belief, faith and candour are some very crucial concepts in the country Finland, and getting networked at a very early stage is the Finnish way. Here, one can easily start getting connected with fellow international, students from abroad and the Finnish students, organisations, institutions and the working society already whilst studying for the first courses. And often these networks and friendships last for the rest of one’s life.

    For students who come from the EU or EEA, most academic degree programs and courses are free of charge or any fees. Tuition fees may apply for candidates from other countries and nations, and they also differ from school to school.

    How to apply for a Bachelor course or Master program in the country Finland

    First of all one must decide, for which programs or courses and at which universities or colleges they want to apply for and to. One will find the requirements for the entry either in the course descriptions here on our website on the university or college websites. The Finnish polytechnics or the University of applied science will then handle all applications for the Bachelor’s programs and all the many applications for the Master programs through their central application system. For the degree programs that are not handled via the particular website, one will need to apply directly to the university of applied science or the university according to their admissions process.