Why pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan is a good idea?

Uzbekistan is a land-located country in Central Asia with a continental climate known for its diverse heritage and beautiful tourist spots. The people of Uzbekistan speak the Uzbek language along with Russian. Uzbekistan has many medical universities offering MBBs courses at affordable tuition fees. It offers a 6-year course with English as the medium of instruction. Plus, there are exchange programs available for Indian students studying MBBS in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a culturally rich and historical place. Plus, the country offers a unique environment for study.

The country is served by numerous transport routes and is convenient for everyone. So, if you are planning to study MBBS at a low cost without compromising on quality, choose Uzbekistan as your next destination.

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    Reasons to study in Uzbekistan

    • The climate of Uzbekistan is most suitable for Indian students. That’s because it has a temperate climate with favourable winters and cool summers.
    • MBBS degrees from Uzbekistan hold global recognition from WHO and world medical bodies.
    • The MBBS subjects taught at Uzbek universities comply with international standards and comply with the latest medical guidelines.
    • Uzbekistan is an asset-rich country, and there are many job opportunities for medical professionals.
    • There are loads of opportunities for innovation, and the Uzbekistan universities encourage deep research in their programs.
    • The education system is flexible, and there is a general air of calmness that encourages peaceful study.
    • The course duration is six years with an internship, which means you have enough scope to diversify your field.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Any student who desires to take admission in the medical universities of Uzbekistan must mandatorily meet some eligibility criteria. Although the criteria differ following the colleges and their admission procedures, there are some standard criteria every student must fit. Here are the standard eligibility criteria –

    • The MBBS applicant willing to opt for admission to the medical university of Uzbekistan must be at least 17 years or more in age, on or before 31st December of the year of admission. However, the upper limit of age is defined as 25 years.
    • The aspirants should have mandatorily cleared the higher secondary level education with at least 50% marks in the core subjects, namely, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. However, the minimum marks criteria for OBC, SC, ST students is 45% or above.
    • The Indian applicants must mandatorily clear the NEET exam with an excellent rank to grab seats in the best universities of Uzbekistan.
    • In some medical universities, the students need to clear the IELTS/TOEFL test with pre-defined marks to get admission. At the same time, many colleges give importance to the NEET examination ranking of the students.

    Documents Required for Admission

    Every university defines a set of documents that the applicants must mandatorily supply to the authority for admission. The foreign students must readily need the following documents for admission to the top medical colleges of Uzbekistan –

    • The applicants must submit their Class 10th to Class 12th academic mark sheets.
    • They must provide four-color photos with white background.
    • The applicants need an admission letter received from the university for admission.
    • Many universities may ask for a cast certificate.
    • The applicant must supply identification proof like birth certification or any other document to the university.
    • They must mandatorily submit a medical certificate defining themselves as both mentally and physically fit.
    • HIV report negative is mandatory for admission in Uzbekistan medical colleges.
    • The aspirants require a student visa and a valid passport to travel to Uzbekistan, with more than six months of validity.
    • The applicant must submit his/her NEET report card.
    • The universities may also ask for TOEFL/IELTS scorecards in several cases.

    Note: The documents may vary as per the requirements of the universities.

    Admission Process in Top Uzbekistan Medical Universities

    There may be a different set of admission procedures of different colleges. However, the basic admission process of most institutions are as follows –

    • Step 1: To start the admission process, move on to the admission portal of the university.
    • Step 2: Fill the admission form and provide the required details.
    • Step 3: Scan and submit the copies of required documents.
    • Step 4: Now apply and wait for the approval.
    • Step 5: On successful approval from the university, the institute will forward an invitation letter to the students.
    • Step 6: Apply for Visa and get it within two weeks.
    • Step 7: Travel to Uzbekistan as per the dates and time presented by the institute.

    Duration of MBBS Course in Uzbekistan

    The standard MBBS course is designed with a duration of around five years. After gaining sufficient knowledge about the medical field in 5 years, the students must mandatorily join a one-year internship program. During their internship, the students work under experienced doctors to know the practical application of their knowledge. The complete course is taught in the English language, and highly skilled professionals train them to make sure they get advanced training.

    MBBS in Uzbekistan Syllabus Overview

    Year Of MBBS CourseSyllabus
    1st yearMedical Chemistry, Fundamentals of Psychology, Histology, Bioorganic Chemistry, Cytology, Embryology, Human Anatomy, Elective Courses
    2nd yearHistology, Physiology, Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Emergency Medicine, Patient Care, Embryology
    3rd yearMedical Chemistry, Fundamentals of Psychology, Histology, Bioorganic Chemistry, Cytology, Embryology, Human Anatomy, Elective Courses
    4th yearHistology, Physiology, Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Emergency Medicine, Patient Care, Embryology
    5th yearInfectious Diseases, Oncology, Epidemiology, Gynaecology, Traumatology, Medical Genetics, Social Medicine, Obstetrics, Clinical Immunology
    Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute3500 USD/ YEAR
    Tashkant Medical Institute3500 USD /YEAR
    Angren University3500 USD /YEAR
    Samarkand State Medical3500 USD/YEAR
    Fergana State University3500 USD/YEAR